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To meet the development needs of the industry and the trends of the market, at the request of the Trading Industry and approval by the Prime Minister, on November 23, 2010, the Office of the Prime Minister issued notice No. 2162 / TTG -ĐMDN to establish Corporation of Mining Chemical Industry - Vinacomin operating under the model of parent company and subsidiary company. Vinacomin, operating on January 1, 2011, has been investing in many modern explosives production lines such as ANFO, bulk and emulsion production, ammonium nitrate raw material to produce industrial explosives to meet domestic demand and export in long term.

For advice on issues related to procedures, legislation and decrees and documents on industrial explosives please contact@micco.vn

Using Industrial explosive Technique Consultant serivce

List of direct support contacts from the departments of Mining Chemical Industry Corporation – MICCO

Industrial explosives – Industrial explosives (+84)4.3864.2778 tncn@micco.vn
Industrial explosives – Explosive accessories (+84)4.3864.2778 pkn@micco.vn
General mining services (+84)4.3864.2779 dvktm@micco.vn
Chemical products (+84)4.3864.2766 sphc@micco.vn
Technical Services & Management Consulting (+84)4.3864.2788 info@micco.vn
Other products (+84)4.3864.2786 support@micco.vn