Environmental Protection

MICCO for the environment

- Protecting the environment is MICCO's responsibility and obligation, which is implemented voluntarily and proactively for MICCO's sustainable development.

– Environmental sustainability is associated with the local production activities of MICCO, environmental protection is connected with the investment, production and business process.

– Environmental protection is implemented comprehensively, synchronously, scientifically, and in accordance with the economical and technical conditions of each period on the basis of compliance with the provisions of the law; the company considers prevention as the main priority besides solving immediate problems and taking into account long-term goals.

 (Photos of the overall plan of Amon Nitrat factory, Viet Bac – Ho company’s office, beautiful landscape photos at other facilities, etc.)

  • General objective: To strictly comply with the provisions of the law and the direction of the Government on environmental sustainability; to ensure the development is harmonious, environmental friendly and beneficial to the community; to adapt to climate change.
  • - While using industrial explosives: Minimize adverse impacts on the environment (explosive gas, dust and vibration); minimize the direct effect on human health and improve the working conditions for employees.
  • - During the production of industrial explosives: Produce eco-friendly products; enhance working conditions for employees, minimize harmful impacts on the environment (emissions, wastewater, solid waste).
  • Specific objectives in this period - Maintain activities: Review legal procedures, environmental permits to promptly supplement, apply for extension in accordance with regulations; Environmental monitoring in accordance with the criteria, location and frequency approved in the EIA, environmental protection plan; collect and thoroughly treat production and daily-life wastewater up to environmental standards; Collect, hire to treat hazardous waste and other types of waste generated in production in accordance with regulations; maximum reuse of ammonium nitrate solution and packaging derived from plastic.
  • - Intensify inspection, review and rehearsal processes to prevent and respond to chemical leakage incidents at Thai Binh Mining Chemical Company, Viet Bac Mining Chemical Company.
  • - Limit the use of single-use plastic products in production and daily activities.
  • - Coordinate with the Tho Nhuong Institute to research the plan of planting trees for explosives depots.
  • - Develop environmental consulting services such as: Assess and certify the safety and environment management system according to ISO 14001:2015, 45001:2018... Environmental audit.