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In order to take the initiative and dominate the market for industrial explosives consumption, in addition to promoting the development of the production of explosives and explosives precursors, the following services are provided, especially mining services. The most important and key development goal of the Mining Chemical Industry Corporation - Vinacomin (MICCO).

            MICCO’s future goal is to utilize the majority of the security and blasting services market in a closed loop from production of explosive precursors to performing blasting services on the basis of quality, efficiency and price. compete. To implement this strategy, consulting services, blasting monitoring need to be promoted, so that customers can compare the benefits and economic values between them performing blasting services themselves, or hiring other teams. functions and hire MICCO to perform.
           In blasting work, the application of science and technology, the use of explosives is suitable for each type of service, ensuring accuracy, safety and expanding service forms to suit diverse needs. of customers should be invested and prioritized for development.

  • Research and develop industrial explosives products that are more effective and suitable to the needs of the market;
  • Developing blasting services in depth, with high specialization, mechanization and modernization. Step by step modernizing drilling, loading and blasting construction, meeting the technical requirements and progress of customers.
  • Developing high-tech blasting technology, such as edge blasting, block stone mining, underground blasting, underwater blasting, demolition work.
  • Maintain the traditional market in TKV. Striving to provide drilling and blasting services for 100% of TKV's open-pit production units (including those of underground coal mining companies when customers have demand).
  • Expanding the provision of drilling and blasting services to units outside the industry in order to expand the market on the principle of enhancing consulting quality, service and economic efficiency for customers.
  • Expanding and diversifying forms of blasting services on the basis of application of science and technology, ensuring safety and high accuracy.
  • Cooperating with partners to export blasting and blasting services to countries in the region, such as Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia...
  • Strengthen training to improve skills for staff, technical workers in drilling and blasting, in line with the development and progress of science and technology.
  • Development of drilling and blasting services must be associated with environmental protection, ensuring the safety of people and property.
  • Developing types and means of transportation of products manufactured by MICCO and providing transportation services for customers.
  • Development of services for monitoring blasting effects, consulting and training on blasting and blasting work and the use of explosives.
  • Development of environmental services.
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