Geodetic map service.

In addition to the technical fields for mining. With a team of experienced cadres and engineers, fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment, mine surveying plays a key role in helping state management agencies. and the mining unit control and reconcile the annual mining volume, which is necessary in all mining stages such as survey, […]

EIA Service

Report on the performance of Environmental Impact Assessment (also known as post-EIA) is an environmental document for which the EIA approval is obtained from the production, business and service establishments (for investment projects preparing to deploy construction) need to report on the impact of environmental protection.

Poor-Quality Expired explosives Annihilating service.

Under the direction of leaders of MICCO, Besides focusing on producing, preserving, supplying and consuming industrial explosives domestically and internationally. MICCO also pioneers a number of Logistics services in the oil industry, such as transporting, assembling, supplying industrial materials for the oil and gas industry,

Service: Planing, measuring and reporting blasting impact monitoring.

When exploiting using mining technology – blasting is one of the most optimal solutions currently. However, the use of blasting technology will cause some effects as follows: vibration, noise or surface subsidence, etc. Foreseeing the need on MICCO has pioneered the introduction of blasting effect monitoring technology

Geological exploration services

Demand for stone domestically and internationally is forecasted to grow significantly in the coming years. Therefore, the need to apply for a license to exploit construction stone minerals has been strengthened. Foreseeing the above demand, MICCO has built a team of technical employee to carry out the service of project formulation, geological exploration drilling and […]

Basis design services, engineering design for mining construction.

In order to orient and develop the exploitation to be attached to the service works throughout the lifespan of the mine in a strict order, the mine owners need to plan clearly long-term development. Currently, MICCO is providing basis design, engineering design service for mining construction for customers who are using IEMs
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