The story of MICCO has begin with the opportunities & challenges of national defence & economic reconstruction during & after the war – born on December 20, 1965 in Lang Son, originating in the field of reserves, storage & supply of industrial explosives. From a small enterprise, MICCO has transformed itself into a giant in the industry with thousands of experts, officers and employees spanning more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. That miraculous growth comes from the Culture & Philosophy of ” Synergy of Synergy ” of all officers and employees:

  • In 1968, MICCO was honoured to be awarded the Labour Medal by President Ho Chi Minh for outstanding contributions to the cause of national construction & defence;
  • In 1991, MICCO successfully researched and developed its first explosive product (Zecno 79/21) and expanded its business into the field of explosives production;
  • In 1993, a turning point for Vietnam’s industrial explosives industry when MICCO produced products with many outstanding advantages in terms of cost and environmental friendliness, ANFO explosives; up to now, ANFO is still the main explosive product used mostly in industry;
  • In 1995, MICCO upgraded from Enterprise to Company and returned to the roof of Vietnam Coal Corporation (Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group today), marking a key milestone in the development journey. of Mine Chemicals;
  • In 1997, MICCO developed & provided blasting services, opening up superiority in the market, and at the same time affirming the strategic vision of MICCO’s leadership;
  • In 2004, Vietnam Coal-Mineral Industry Group officially assigned MICCO to carry out blasting of all open-pit mines under the Group, with tens of thousands of tons of explosives and hundreds of millions of cubic meters of mineral soil and rock. annual production, proving the prestige & stature of Mining Chemicals;
  • In 2007, MICCO succeeded in researching technology and went into production of bulk emulsion explosives NTR05, NTR06, a big step forward in the country’s industrial explosives industry;
  • In 2008, MICCO succeeded in producing explosive emulsion packages used for underground mines NTLD and NTLT;
  • In the fall of 2008, MICCO marked its breakthrough solutions in production and business efficiency, and at the same time reached out to integrate strongly in the face of market changes & the inevitable requirements of innovation;
  • On January 1, 2013, MICCO provided geotechnical engineering consulting services for geodesy & mining with the establishment of MiTech Technical Service Centre (now is SOUTHERN MICCO Research & Development Centre);
  • In December 2013, MICCO pioneered the application of information technology with the ERP solution for enterprise resource management with Fast Business software to optimize resource usage & improve the efficiency of production and business administration.
  • Following that momentum, in December 2013, the enterprise exported the first batch of industrial explosives, affirming the prestige and brand of Vietnamese products, also it is a turning point to reach out the ocean;
  • On June 13, 2015, MICCO celebrates the birth of the official strategic product Nitrate Amon in Vietnam, taking the initiative in the main source of raw materials to produce industrial explosives instead of having to import them;
  • In the same period, in 2015, the enterprise successfully designed & manufactured the ANFO explosives production vehicle & the emulsion explosives production vehicle for open-pit mines, with the goal of mechanizing the blasting work of large open-pit mines in Vietnam. Vietnam;
  • In 2016, MICCO focuses on three key pillars: industrial explosives, mining services & industrial chemical production;
  • In 2017, MICCO successfully developed a closed chain ecosystem, with the strategy of ‘concentric diversification’ — in order to provide customers with optimal and effective solutions per cubic meter of soil and rock, minerals – creating a solid premise for mining services & consumption market of industrial explosives;
  • In 2018, MICCO successfully researched and developed 02 new explosive lines: high-energy emulsion explosives for HPEX-01 open-pit mines; and safe emulsion explosives for underground mines with superior methane release NTLT-5;
  • In 2019: MICCO successfully researched & produced NaNO3 products, meeting domestic demand to replace imports & orient to export;
  • In 2020, with the strategic orientation of expanding the value chain into the field of fertilizers, MICCO actively researches and successfully produces CAN fertilizer, opening a new direction for production of agricultural products;
  • In 2021, MICCO establishes vision, mission, core values (creativity, cooperation, prestige, dedication, professionalism), business philosophy (symbiosis), slogan (synergy); repositioning brand identity, expanding coverage & developing MICCO brand. At the same time, the Vietnam Coal-Mineral Industry Group officially approved the Development Strategy of Vinacomin-Mining Chemical Industry Corporation to 2030, with a vision to 2045 in Decision No. 763/QĐ-TKV dated June 2. year 2021.

During more than half a century of pursuing the philosophy of “Symbiosis and synergy”, the achievements of enterprises in the cause of national construction are unspeakable:

  • For the economy: create a proud impact & pass through most of the key economic sectors such as construction, transportation, cement, hydroelectricity, irrigation, mining, etc…, creating a bold impression in the mining industry in particular, and with the whole Vietnamese economy in general;
  • For partners: development & resonance from the symbiotic ecosystem, in the service chain: drilling – blasting – loading and unloading – transportation – processing – to product trading – to multiply the alliance’s strength for key partners, opening up a series of opportunities to exploit new markets & create multi-faceted business ideas in the same ecosystem;
  • For customers: providing revolutionary solutions in both specific production operations, strict safety standards, differentiated business strategies – and demonstrating optimal efficiency per cubic meter soil, stone, minerals for customers, in order to accompany & connect for a long time based on the sustainable business development of customers;
  • For employees: create an organization imbued with its own cultural identity, a unique state-owned enterprise — by always taking care of both the material and spiritual lives of officials and employees; develop a spirit of mutual love; encourage learning of innovative ideas in the region & the world; applying many advanced scientific technologies & East-West management quintessence, etc., thereby creating an ideal working environment, enthusiastic dedication & high cohesion with over 95% of stable employees long-term companion.

Following in the footsteps of glorious history, MICCO nurtures in itself the ambition to continue transforming on the journey of the century: to become a key partner in Vietnam & affirms a pioneering brand in the international arena — by challenging the higher standards, reach international quality standards, standardize management capacity, develop a business strategy of ‘concentric diversification’ & invite worthy partners to join the alliance ecosystem – based on the scorporate sustainability philosophy “Combination of Synergy” philosophy.

Milestones in the development journey of the Vinacomin - Mining Chemical Industrial Corporation

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Mining chemical Industry was established on December 20, 1965 by decision by Ministry of Heavy Industry, with the mission of receiving and preserving industrial explosives (IEMs) of the Soviet Union, China and the socialist countries in the East to be the supplier for other economic sectors
Mining Chemical Enterprise was established on January 7, 1975 on the basis of upgarding the warehouse III, according to the Decision No 49/DT-QLKT by the minister of Electricity and Coal. In addition to the supply of IEM received from the socialist countries, the factory is supplemented with the mission of researching and producing IEMs; Mining Chemical Enterprise has researched and produced 4 lines of products: Anfo explosive, Zecno 79/21 explosive and AH1 safety explosive. Although the product output is still modest, it has partly contributed to solving the IEMs difficulties of the economy and IEM sector and brought in play its internal strengths
Mining Chemial Company was established on April 1, 1995 - an independent accounting unit, under Vietnam Coal Corporation which was established under Decision No. 204/NL/ TCCB-LD of the Minister of Energy Ministry, in order to broaden functions of the energy market, proceed to be proactive in all cirucmstances of industrial explosives to serve the coal indutry and other economic sectors in the new period; with functions and missions: research, produce, blending test, preserve and reserve Nation IEMs; import and export IEMs, raw materials and chemicals for IEM production, logistics services such as: Tranporting, mine design, blasting and other missions regarding IEMs Với chức năng, nhiệm vụ: nghiên cứu, sản xuất, phối chế - thử nghiệm, bảo quản, dự trữ quốc gia VLNCN; xuất nhập khẩu VLNCN, nguyên liệu, hoá chất để sản xuất VLNCN; dịch vụ sau cung ứng: Vận chuyển, thiết kế mỏ, nổ mìn và các nhiệm vụ khác ngoài VLNCN.
The Prime Minister issued Decision N.77/2003/QD-Ttg transforming Mining Chemical Company - an independent accounting member enterprise of Vietnam Coal Corporation into Industrial explosives Limited Company
The Board of Directors of Vietnam Coal Minerals Industry Corporation issued Decision No. 591/QD-HDQT renaming Industrial Explosives Co,LTD to Mining Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd - Vinacomin
Vinacomin - Mining Chemical Industry Corporation was established in the model of parent company and subsidiary. Vinacomin - Mining Chemical Industry Corporation started operation on January 1, 2011 as noticed as Notice No. 2162 / TTG - DMDN dated November 23, 2010 of the Prime Minister
The Corportion has 31 focal points (including the Executive Board of the Corporation) located in the most of the key IEM-consuming areas in the North, Central and South. Most of the affiliates are invested in synchronous technical facilities, spacious working conditions, making good impression on domestic and foreign customers and partners
In response to the current need of the main source of raw materials for the explosives producing, Amon Nitrate factory invested by MICCO was constructed at Thai Tho Industrial Cluster (Thai Thuy - Thai Binh) with the producing capacity of 200,000 tons/ year, using UHDE technology from Germany. Up to the moment, the factory has run into operation smoothly and efficiently. The company provides products both domestically and internationally
MICCO has been investing in many modern explosive production lines such as ANFO explosives, bulk emulsion explosives, pit emulsions, MK 500B blasting machine, Ammoniu Nitrate raw material to produce industrial explosives to meet domestic and export demand
1965 Now


  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Management
  • Deputy General Director
  • Chief accountant
  • Party Committee
  • Trade Union

Board of Directors

A. Board of Directors

1. Mr.Tran Xuan Hoa  (6/2003-10/2003)

2. Mr.Vu Van Ha  (10/2003-9/2004)

3. Mr.Doan Van Kien (9/2004-3/2006)

4. Mr.Le Dinh Truong (4/2006-12/2008)

5. Mr.Vu Manh Hung (1/2009-1/2011)

6. Mr. Pham Van Mat(1/2011-5/2012)

7. Mr.Vu Van Ha (5/2012 - 2/2018)

8. Mr.Nguyen Thanh Liem (3/2018-03/2020)

9. Mr.Bui Hong Quang (3/2020 - 12/2021)

10. Mr.Nguyen Quoc Hung (12/2021 - now)

B. Member of the Board of Directors

1. Mr.Dao Cam Chuong (6/2003-6/2008)

2. Mr.Dam The Dieu (10/2003-9/2004)

3. Mr.Do Cong An (5/2012 - 2018)

4. Mr.Nguyen Van Sang (5/2012 - 12/2021)

5. Mr.Pham Hong Thai (03/2017-03/2019)

6. Mr.Luong Duc Chinh(03/2020 – now)

Board of Management

A. Before April 1995

1. Mr.Dang Thanh Trong - Vice Director (1976-1979)

2. Mr.Do Minh Khoi – Director (1976-1978)

3. Mr.Tran Dinh Hinh – Director (1978-1980)

4. Mr. Phan Hoe – Director (1980-1982)

5. Mr.Bui Duc Thinh – Director (1982-1995)

B. After April 1995

1. Mr.Nguyen Nhu Hai – Director (4/1995-10/2002)

2. Mr.Vu Van Ha – General Director (9/2002 - 5/2012)

3. Mr. Nguyen Van Sang – General Director (6/2012 - 12/2021)

4. Mr. Bui Hong Quang - General Director (12/2021 - now)

Deputy General Director

A. Before April 1995

1. Mr. Ngo Van Tung (1980-1995)

2. Mr. Nguyen Chinh (1980-1981)

3. Mr.Hoang Hien (1981-1982)

4. Mr.Do Trung Hieu (1982-1995)

5. Mr. Vu Van Dung (1987-1995)

6. Mr. Tran Van Tu (1988-1995)

B. After April 1995

1. Mr. Dang Dinh Huong (4/1995-7/2000)

2. Mr. Nguyen Huu Vinh (6/1995-12/1997)

3. Mr. Vu Van Hung (6/1995-7/1998)

4. Mr. Le Sy Hoi (6/1997-6/2003)

5. Mr.Bui Ngoc Cay (8/2000-12/2007)

6. Mr. Duong Van Trinh (8/2000-11/2008)

7. Mr. Dang Thanh Hai (12/2004-4/2006)

8. Mr. Nguyen Van Sang (4/2008-4/2012)

9. Mr.Dang Duy Dung (8/2010-7/2014)

10. Mr. Dao Cam Chuong (7/2008 - 2015)

11. Mr. Dam The Dieu (1/2011 - 2018)

12. Mr Tran Dang Phi (4/2006 - 2018)

13. Mr Vu Minh Tam (12/2012 - 2018)

14. Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung (6/2007 - 2021)

15. Mr. Bui Hong Quang từ (2/2015 - 9/2019)

16. Mr.Trinh Hai Cuong (01/2017 -now)

17. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy (01/2019- now)

18. Mr. Tran Van Dung (08/2018 - now)

19. Mr. Tran Van Hop  (01/2019- 9/2020)

20. Mr. Pham Hong Thanh (10/2021 - now)

21. Mr Nguyen Trung Hieu  (10/2021 - now)

Chief accountant

1. Mr. Duong Van Trinh  (4/1995 – 8/2000)

2. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thao (8/2000 – 10/2009)

3. Mrs. Dao Thi Huong (10/2009 - 10/2016)

4. Mrs. Le Thi Hong Yen ( 11/2016 - now)

Party Committee

A. Before April 1995

1. Mr. Dang Dinh Giam (1969-1979)

2. Mr. Luu Trung (1979-1981)

3. Mr. Bui Duc Thinh (1982-1995)

B. After April 1995

1. Mr.Bui Ngoc Cay (8/2000-12/2007)

2. Mr. Vu Van Ha (2009 – 5/2012)

3. Mr. Nguyen Van Sang (5/2012 - 12/2021)

4. Mr. Bui Hong Quang (12/2021 - now)

Trade Union

A. Before April 1995

1. Mr. Phan Hoe (1978-1980)

2.Mr. Bui Duc Thinh (1980 – 1982)

3. Mr.  Do Trung Hieu (1982-1989)

4. Mr. Mai Sac (1989-1993)

5. Mr. Chu Xuan Quang (1993-1995)

B. After April 1995

1. Mr. Dang Dinh Huong (4/1995-7/2000)

2. Mr. Bui Ngoc Cay (8/2000-12/2007)

3. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh (12/2007 - 2018)

4. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang (2018 - 2019)

5. Mr. Nguyen Lan Anh (2019- now)